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    AutoLinkericon is the new highly configurable keyword linking system designed specifically for vBulletin forums and content management systems. It works with the new version 4, vBulletin 3.7 onwards, and the new vBulletin Publishing Suite.

    AutoLinker allows web administrators to configure particular words or phrases as being key words which will then be automatically hyperlinked anywhere on the forum or in the content management system whenever those keywords are used in any message or article by any forum member.

    And you're not just limited to square popup windows filled with text. You can create balloon-style popups, or - if you know a bit of basic HTML - create cool effects like this, or maybe a pretty picture.

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    AutoLinkericon is highly configurable.
    There is a huge variety of choices for each aspect of your AutoLinks allowing you endless possibilities to create a unique look for your website.

    If you feel that there is some other way in which you would like to configure your AutoLinks, then let us know. We can probably supply you with what you want.

    Here are the definitions of some of the terms used in the AutoLinker set-up process.

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    How can I use AutoLinkericon?

    you can designate particular keywords to produce a pop-up box containing details of products or services which you want to sell. You can also include links or Hypertexted images which will take your readers directly to your partners or trading associates and which will then you revenue in the event of a sale.

    Explanations and definitions -- your dynamic glossary
    especially if you have a large website, you may well find that you and your moderating team are very busy having to answer the same question again and again. You can configure particular words as keywords which either produce a short hover text or a full pop-up box containing an explanation or definition of the words or key-phrases which your reader is looking at.

    using Autolinker in this way produces huge savings in Web administrator time and produces a high level of satisfaction for website visitors as the answers they are seeking are frequently provided instantly, without having to look around -- and without having to wait for your site team to find their questions and to reply to it.
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    Have you got a new vBulletin website? You can place your link on the AutoLinkericon.com website.

    If you use a full version of AutoLinker on your vBulletin website we will be happy to carry your link together with a short description of your site. Also, we will produce an AutoLinker keyword template in any style you wish so that if any one discusses your site on AutoLinker.com, you will have your own customised pop-up and hyperlink to your vBulletin forum. The keyword template will be configured to produce one occurrence of your personal AutoLink per post.


    We realise that you may already been using an automatic autolinking system on you vBulletin website. Although you would like to start using a fully featured up-to-date system like AutoLinkericon, you don't look forward to having to spend time in your admin console converting all of your existing links.

    Don't worry. This is not a problem. The standard AutoLink installation package comes bundled with a small routine which will do the conversion for you. The most popular vBulletin linker at the moment is the Geek Auto Linker.

    Once AutoLinker is installed on your server, to the AutoLinker settings screen from your AutoLinker admin console. One click and your previous links will be converted in the blinking of an eye - including the title, keywords, hyperlink target etc.